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Need to Know, October 14, 2011: The politics of resentment

This week's host Jeff Greenfield

This week, host Jeff Greenfield examines the politics of resentment throughout American history, culminating in the Tea Party movement and the “Occupy Wall Street” protests of today.

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The politics of resentment

Jeff Greenfield explores the “Occupy Wall Street” and Tea Party movements in a report that examines the politics of resentment throughout American history. Included are interviews with Tony Perkins of the conservative Family Research Council and liberal author Thomas Frank, author of works including “What’s The Matter With Kansas.”

Kate Zernike on disaffection and the tea party

New York Times journalist Kate Zernike joins us to discuss her work covering the tea party beat.

Fixing America: Fran Lebowitz

Author Fran Lebowitz weighs in on our ongoing series, Fixing America.

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