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Primary education

Yesterday’s primary race in Washington, D.C., makes the new documentary “Waiting for Superman,” by the Academy Award-winning director of “An Inconvenient Truth,” all the more interesting. The movie is about the sad state of public education. One of the main interviewees in the movie, seen as a champion of the kids and foe of the unions, is take-no-prisoners D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee. Well, yesterday the man who appointed Rhee, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, lost his primary bid to Councilman Vincent Gray, who has clashed with Rhee and supported the unions.¬† Gray is almost guaranteed to be the next mayor of Washington, and if he is, it is unlikely Rhee will keep her job. If she leaves, what happens to all her reforms, documented glowingly in this new movie (which opens in LA and New York on September 24, and nationally on October 7)?¬†This one is TBD.

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    Behind the numbers
    Just who are the Latino voters in Florida?
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    Anti-Islam rhetoric in politics
    The Norway bomber threw a spotlight on anti-Islam bloggers and activists. Here in the U.S., their rhetoric has influenced mainstream political discourse.
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    Obama calls for debt compromise
    A "grand bargain" would seem impossible at this point, but Obama is still pushing for one. Lawmakers in both parties meanwhile, planned votes on their rival debt plans.