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Need to Know premieres tonight, May 7, at 8:30 p.m. in many locations. But check your local listings.

Join Alison Stewart and Jon Meacham as they address the gulf oil spill, gun policy, the pill and other issues. Special guests: Former President Bill Clinton, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Coming up on Need to Know in the coming weeks:

“It really does suck to be in a gang,” is how one El Paso teen put it. He lives across the border from Juarez, Mexico, a city ravaged by drug violence. Many of his friends have been caught up in the fighting there between Mexican police and drug cartels. Some have died.

Our producers went to Juarez to find out what life is like for teens there, and to understand why some of them join gangs. The story is just one of many you’ll see online and on air in the coming weeks.

Need to Know also looks at gun policy in America, and examines how NRA members really feel about gun control. We travel to Texas to examine a political fight over school textbooks, and how it could affect classrooms across the country.

And we talk to a Somali rapper about his music and his heritage, and find out what it was like the day he left Mogadishu.

It’s a new way of looking at news, with hosts Jon Meacham and Alison Stewart, every Friday night.