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Is U.S. food aid working?

This week, Need to Know followed photojournalist Ron Haviv as he traveled to Bangladesh to document one of the world’s most dramatic health crises: childhood malnutrition. As Haviv and the organization he was working with, Doctors Without Borders, have shown, U.S. food aid policy can sometimes seem at odds with its stated purpose of alleviating malnutrition and hunger.

To understand how the U.S. can offer more suitable food aid to the world’s malnourished children, Jon Meacham sat down with Reverend David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World, a faith-based citizens’ movement that works to draw attention to the issue of hunger. Beckmann’s group lobbies Congress to take action by increasing foreign aid and revising domestic farm policy. He is both a Lutheran minister and an economist who spent 15 years at the World Bank.


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