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Need to Know: Nov 2, 2012: Dubuque, Iowa

For months now, Americans have been bombarded with more political advertising than ever as the candidates try to convince voters that they understand and know what’s best for the people who live and work in “Main Street” America.

This week, Need to Know’s John Larson reports from Dubuque, Iowa — a town in a swing state worth six electoral votes in the road to the White House.

Why Dubuque? It’s not your average “Main Street” town. Dubuque’s been called “Little Rome” because it boasts such a strong Catholic population, that the town is considered a barometer for the Catholic vote nationwide.

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What’s on this week:

Main Street: Dubuque, Iowa

An in-depth look at voter opinion of people living in Dubuque, Iowa — a town called “Little Rome” for it’s strong Catholic population.

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