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Need to Know, August 17, 2012: Obesity in America

This week's host, Scott Simon. Photo: Will O’Leary

On this week’s episode, we report on the nation’s high obesity and diabetes rates, which are disproportionately impacting children in low-income communities.

Need to Know reports from the Bronx in New York City, where we take an in-depth look at the Department of Health’s campaign to reverse this dangerous trend.

Later, anchor Scott Simon interviews Ross Hammond of the Brookings Institute to get his take on whether or not the federal government can help solve the nation’s obesity epidemic.

This week’s “American Voices” essay is from entrepreneur Haile Johnston, who provides fresh food to residents of inner-city Philadelphia.

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What’s on this week:

Saving Carla

An in-depth look at how the nation’s obesity problem resonates for one family in the Bronx.

Interview: Ross Hammond

A conversation with Ross Hammond of the Brookings Institute on whether the federal government can provide the answer to America’s obesity epidemic.

American Voices

This week’s essay is by Haile Johnston, who helps provides fresh food to residents of inner-city Philadelphia.

Web Exclusive: Interview with Kerry McLean

Kerry McLean, community director at WHEDco, a woman’s housing and economic development corporation in the Bronx, speaks about her work helping local residents start their own Green Carts in NYC.

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