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Need to Know, December 2, 2011: Help wanted: Revisiting Ohio

This week's host, Scott Simon. Photo: Will O’Leary

In our latest edition of Help Wanted, coinciding with the release of the monthly jobs report, Need to Know revisits northern Ohio for an updated look at how many Americans with jobs are struggling to make ends meet because of the difficult economy. We follow up with:

– A teacher who was fired, then rehired at half-pay, and is now trying to avoid foreclosure;

– A factory worker with health problems who spent nearly a year and half without work before being rehired without benefits and for significantly less money; and

– A married couple who started their own contracting business but have little work and can’t secure loans despite a very high credit rating. The couple suffered an additional setback recently when the wife had to undergo back surgery, further depleting their savings.

Watch the individual segments:

Help wanted: Revisiting the uncounted millions

Need to Know revisits Cuyahoga County in northern Ohio for an in-depth look at Americas job crisis. Even some of those with work there are feeling extraordinarily insecure struggling to pay their bills as their pay stagnates and their hours and benefits decline.

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