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Need to Know, December 30, 2011: Eye on Iowa

This week, Need to Know homes in on Iowa, where the all-important Iowa caucuses will take place, setting the stage for the 2012 presidential campaign ahead. Correspondent Rick Karr takes a look at how evangelical Christian voters in the state have been unable to agree on a candidate from the selection of GOP hopefuls. We also explore how presidential candidates are no longer pledging to commit to ethanol subsidies, and “American Voices” essayist Michael Gartner gives an overall portrait of his home state. Ray Suarez hosts.

Watch the individual segments:

Evangelical voters in Iowa

With the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses days away, Need to Know correspondent Rick Karr examines how conservative evangelical voters there have been unable to coalesce around one candidate. Four years ago, their support of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee propelled him to victory over former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney.

Playing the field: Iowa ethanol

Need to Know correspondent Win Rosenfeld discovers how the presidential candidates are no longer committing to ethanol subsidies — a once-unthinkable position for a candidate seeking votes in Iowa.

American Voices: Michael Gartner

On “American Voices,” essayist Michael Gartner offers a portrait of his home state.

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