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Need to Know, December 9, 2011: Making Congress work

How can we make Congress work? This week on Need to Know, host Jeff Greenfield moderates a bipartisan panel discussing various proposals to get our government working again. The panel members include Tennessee Democrat Jim Cooper, former Republican Oklahoma representative Mickey Edwards and Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute.

Also: Novelist Walter Kirn weighs in on our Fixing America series with his ideas for fixing Congress.

Watch the individual segments:

Making Congress work

A bipartisan panel offers detailed proposals about how to make Congress work. Their ideas include: non-partisan primaries; mandatory voting and campaign finance reform.

Fixing America: Walter Kirn

Walter Kirn, who wrote the novel “Up in the Air,” says the way to fix Congress is to make all the representatives live fulltime in their districts. That way, he says, they would be forced to deal with their constituents after each controversial vote.

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