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Need to Know, February 17, 2012: Food stamps, poverty in America

Jeff Greenfield

Newt Gingrich stoked a political firestorm recently when he called President Obama “the greatest food stamp president” in American history. On this edition of Need to Know, we ask: Why are┬áso many Americans on food stamps, and what does it say about the federal safety net and the state of poverty in America? Jeff Greenfield anchors.

What’s on this week:

Why are so many Americans on food stamps?

Food stamps have become a political issue in the campaign, and Need to Know examines why a record number of Americans need help buying food every month.

Ramesh Ponnuru on the food stamp program

Anchor Jeff Greenfield interviews National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru, who’s been critical of the federal food stamp program.

Jeff Greenfield on poverty in America

Greenfield concludes with an essay examining the extent of poverty in the United States.

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