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Need to Know, January 21, 2011: Care for disabled adults, Michael Vick’s dogs, China

This week on Need to Know, Maria Hinojosa reports from Indiana, where she meets with families struggling to maintain care for their grown children with severe developmental disabilities. As funding is being cut for their care services, these families are often left without options.

Also: Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick got a second chance after a stint in prison for running a dog fighting ring. But what happened to the dogs? We find out.

And: an interview with ‘Tiger Mom” Amy Chua, whose new book has pitted Chinese parenting methods against American ones. And is the ensuing uproar a sign of a larger fear Americans have of Chinese dominance?

When care runs out

Parents of children with severe developmental disabilities often have to fight to get them what they need in life, especially once they become adults.  With so many states facing budget crises, it’s only getting harder. Need to Know’s Maria Hinojosa spent time with families in Indiana who fear that the fragile world they’ve fought hard to build for their kids is about to  fall apart.

China and the U.S.

The firestorm ignited by author Amy Chua’s recently published book on parenting the Chinese way is evidence of a larger, looming fear Americans have of Chinese dominance. With Chinese President Hu Jintao in town for an official state visit, hosts Jon Meacham and Alison Stewart and their guests discuss China’s geopolitical importance and U.S.-China relations.

The dogs are alright

After serving two years in prison for running a brutal dog fighting ring, Michael Vick got a second chance. But what happened to the dogs? Need to Know reports.

Peter Sagal: Advice for Democrats

Peter Sagal offers some advice to Democrats on a losing streak.

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