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Need to Know, July 16, 2010

This week on Need to Know, Alison Stewart interviews Elizabeth Warren, one of the strongest advocates of financial reform, about what the newly passed legislation will mean for banks, commercial real estate and the average American.


Photojournalists Ron Haviv and Jessica Dimmock show us the face of a global malnutrition epidemic. Doctors Without Borders physician Susan Shepherd explains how the billions of dollars in food aid that is sent from the U.S. to starving nations doesn’t always help. And Reverend David Beckmann, president of the faith-based organization Bread for the World, explains how our domestic farm policy may be harming malnourished children in the developing world.

Jon Meacham also talks with Dr. Jerome Kassirer, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, about how the possibly flawed diabetes drug Avandia made it to market, and how other dangerous drugs, such as Fen-phen, Vioxx and now Avandia have managed to skirt regulations and reach consumers.

And resident editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner visualizes Obama’s promises and questions whether President Obama is the same as Candidate Obama.

And watch the individual segments:

Elizabeth Warren on the next real estate crisis

Alison Stewart sits down with Elizabeth Warren, attorney, Harvard Law professor and chairwoman at the Congressional Oversight Panel, in a “Blueprint America” special report about the potential of a national commercial real estate foreclosure crisis, which has already hit Atlanta. Warren also discusses the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency in the financial reform bill passed this week.

Malnutrition, the silent epidemic

Photojournalist Ron Haviv traveled to Bangladesh to document a silent epidemic that may lack the drama to make the nightly news, but has the power to undermine a world’s worth of young lives: childhood malnutrition. Plus: An interview with David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World, on whether U.S. food aid policy is working.

Money and medicine: The story of Avandia

Dr. Jerome Kassirer, former Editor-in-Chief at the New England Journal of Medicine discusses the state of the FDA today, and the conditions that make it possible for drugs such as Fen-phen, Vioxx and now Avandia, the latest drug that may be pulled from the market, to ever reach consumers. Jon Meacham reports.

Obama, where art thou?

Editorial cartoonist Steven Brodner provides his visual explanation on promises made, promises broken by President Obama.