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Need to Know, November 12, 2010

This week, we present a special international edition of Need to Know. One week after Burma’s contested elections, we focus on another developing issue in the pariah state — the military junta’s nuclear ambitions. Then we turn our attention to the Indian Ocean to feature the story of a French family that was abducted by Somali pirates. Alison Stewart discusses the psychological ramifications of the conflicts in the Middle East with Israeli author David Grossman. And we report on efforts to build the infrastructure for a future Palestinian state. Peter Sagal also returns this week to give advice to members of Congress who have been recently voted out of office.

Note: If you are outside the U.S., you can watch the show here.

Watch the individual segments:

Burma’s nuclear puzzle

The Southeast Asian nation of Burma is a pariah state ruled by a repressive military junta. Some say it is trying to build its own nuclear weapons. But can the allegations be verified? Plus: ProPublica Managing Editor Steve Engelberg joins Need to Know to discuss the allegations.

The trouble with pirates

Need to Know presents an excerpt from “The Trouble with Pirates,” including the story of a French family who were abducted by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean.

Growing a state

While the Middle East peace process remains frozen, Palestinians in the West Bank are already at work building the institutions and infrastructure for a future Palestinian state.

Interview with David Grossman

Acclaimed Israeli author David Grossman talks with Alison Stewart about the effects of the Middle East conflict on the human psyche.

Just Ask Peter Sagal: Congress

Our resident guidance counselor Peter Sagal offers some words of wisdom to public servants about to lose their jobs.