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Need to Know, September 23, 2011: Creating ‘green jobs,’ the American garage sale

This week's host Maria Hinojosa

Maria Hinojosa is this week’s guest host for Need to Know as we look at the future of “green jobs” in the U.S. As the Obama administration continue to support and invest in green technologies as a path to job creation, competition from other countries is making it difficult for some of these businesses to take off in the U.S. We visit Greenville, Michigan, to see the challenges it faces in trying to revitalize itself and create a new economy for green jobs.

Also: Guest essayist Marcos Villatoro demonstrates how today’s tough economic times has changed a familiar American event: the garage sale. What was once a way to get rid of an abundance of possessions bought during times of affluence¬†has become, for many families, a way to keep their heads above water.

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Watch the individual segments:

It’s not easy being green: Creating a green economy in Michigan

Need to Know visits one Michigan town that is trying to reinvent itself as a green community after the biggest employer in town moved its operations to Mexico.

Jennifer Granholm on the challenges for green jobs

Host Maria Hinojosa talks with former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm about efforts to rebuild her state’s economy in the midst of the fiscal crisis.

In Perspective: Marcos Villatoro on the changing American garage sale

A Salvadoran-American writer, teacher and filmmaker who lives in a hardscrabble Latino neighborhood in Los Angeles explains how the American garage sale has changed because of these harsh economic times.

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