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Need to Know, September 24, 2010

This week on Need to Know, we tackle some serious problems and report on potential solutions. Harvard historian Niall Ferguson talks about what we can do to help the economy recover — and why people are so angry about it. Anneke van Woudenberg examines the roots of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our correspondents travel to a small town in Maine to investigate how to store nuclear waste. And Dr. Emily Senay explores a program in Somerville, Mass. that has had some success in fighting childhood obesity.

Editor’s note: The report on nuclear waste previously included a still image of liquid natural gas storage tanks near the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant that Need To Know erroneously believed to be the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant itself.

Watch the individual segments:
Reshaping Somerville

Need to Know medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay travels to Somerville, Mass., where town officials have pioneered a new anti-obesity program that’s producing promising results.
Doing battle over the economy

Niall Ferguson, the Harvard historian, joins Need to Know’s Jon Meacham to discuss his many battles over the Tea Party, the budget and the jobless recovery.
Rape as a weapon of war in Congo In this extended web interview, Alison Stewart speaks with Anneke van Woudenberg of Human Rights Watch about the roots of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the use of rape as a weapon against communities there.
Legacy of waste

As the Obama administration puts nuclear power at the center of its energy agenda, Need to Know explores the decades of indecision about what to do with nuclear waste.