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Obama, where art thou?

Editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner provides a visual explanation of promises made, and promises broken, by President Obama:

“Recent studies show that Tibetans actually possess a gene that keeps their blood flowing at high altitudes, so that they don’t have mountain sickness. They’ve tracked this change in their genetic structure to as recently as three thousand years ago. So this is a very recent example of evolution in people.

Is this what happened to President Obama when he rose to the greatest height?

Could his ‘change’ gene have evolved to the ‘not so much change’ gene? Are we seeing somebody who also has a recent evolution?

Well, on the war in Afghanistan, the presumed ‘anti-war’ Obama became the ‘thirty-thousand more troops’ Obama.  Put a little camouflage in Obama’s face…

On jobs, on the stimulus bill, the previous ‘stimulus advocate’ Obama, who faced Mitch McConnell finally and a vocal conservative movement — he didn’t campaign consistently for the stimulus that he mentioned in the State of the Union, wound up advocating for that along with deficit reduction, making him at least partly like McConnell.

On financial reform, lobbyists work for mouths to water down the industry reforming legislation.  The ‘tough on Wall Street’ Obama becomes the man with liquid assets.

Or it might not be a cloud that we see but maybe smoke arising from some vast power machine, a mechanical Washington-Wall-Street-K-Street monster…

Is what happened at that great height? A natural political evolution? Or is it possible he was never the man we thought he was in the first place?

Obama, where art thou?”