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Rep. Mike Quigley on the chances of passing gun control legislation

The city of Chicago is no stranger to gun violence. In fact there was so much of it that in 1982 city leaders made it illegal to possess new handguns within the city limits. But thanks to a Supreme Court ruling last summer, that law no longer stands.

Ironically, the very weekend before the court handed down its decision, 26 people were shot and three were killed. The weekend before that was even bloodier: More than 50 were shot and ten killed.

Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley knows these facts and figures by heart. As the representative of Illinois’ 5th district — that’s Rahm Emanuel’s old seat — he’s led efforts to pass national gun-control legislation despite enormous opposition, some from within his own party. And so far, those efforts have failed.

Quigley joined Need to Know’s Jon Meacham from Chicago to discuss the chances of passing new gun control laws in light of the shootings in Arizona.