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Six-word memoirs: Veterans share their stories of coming home

Updated | May 27, 2011 : This segment originally aired in November 2010.

According to legend, Ernest Hemingway once bet $10 that he could write a novel in six words. “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” he wrote. Inspired by the weight and simplicity of this story, Larry Smith, founder of the online SMITH Magazine, gave the six-word legend a personal twist, inviting readers to submit “Six-Word Memoirs.” Four years later, more than 300,000 people have.

In honor of Veterans day, Smith has teamed up with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America to collect six-word memoirs from veterans of these two wars about the experience of coming home. We spoke to some of these veteran/memoirists and wanted to share their stories.

Do you have a six-word memoir you would like to share? If you’re a veteran yourself and have six words to describe your experiences, leave them in the comments below.