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Steve Brodner: In politics, every day is ‘opposite day’

Kids have a game they play called “Opposite Day.” The idea is that it’s funny when you say the opposite of what you mean. Of course in politics, every day is “opposite day.”

For example: John Boehner, the GOP House leader, claims to be a deficit hawk, but he’s in favor of a budget-busting tax cut for the super rich. He’s kind of a deficit chicken, but hey, it’s “opposite day.” Or how about Glenn Beck, who shows an Oprah-like well of compassion for humanity. And then will say things like how he fantasizes about killing Charles Rangel with a shovel. Well yes, “opposite day.”

Then there’s senator Jim Demint of South Carolina, a Tea Party figure who is for getting government out of your personal life. That turns out to include the government firing gay men and single women based on their sexuality. Hmmm … “Opposite day!”

How about Joe Leiberman and the so-called centrist Democrats. They are  pro-job, pro-USA they say. Well that amounts to voting against the  anti-outsourcing bill that would’ve slowed companies moving jobs to China. Looking more like Hu Jintao. A new kind of patriotism. Opposite.

So, you know, looking at it this way, it starts to make sense to me now. They are honest in an “opposite day” kinda way.