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The year’s big headlines: so what?

Editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner revisits some of the major headlines of 2010, ruminating on the lack of impact they have had on the American political scene:

“In 2010 some of the major news stories appeared and had a surprising impact — none!

The BP oil spill despoiled habitats cross thousands of miles, but had little significant impact in the 2010 campaign.

In reporting the end of combat operations in Iraq, the more important and complicated story remained the continuing sectarian chaos and violence there.

National health care passed — and has remained a mystery ever since.

The Greenland Ice Sheet is apparently melting faster than expected. All coastal areas of the world are marked for flooding, or much worse. Yet, it’s not on our radar. So far from it, in fact, that half of the new GOP House members reportedly do not accept the science of global warming.

We seem to be editing out headlines we don’t like. Reports come in. We remain in our own space. Drifting, inattentive to them. We are somewhere else. Dancing, with the stars.”