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A look at the universe with Brian Greene

This week, two University of Louisiana astronomers announced that they may have stumbled across what might be a giant, never-seen-before planet on the outer reaches of our solar system. They’re calling it Tyche, and they’re hoping to get a good glimpse of it — whatever it turns out to be — in the next few months. After all, it’s a big universe out there, and even with our best telescopes and equations it’s hard for experts to agree on what it is they’re seeing  in our own solar system.

Now imagine how much harder it is to figure out what is happening at the edge of the universe.

That’s what Dr. Brian Greene works on every day. Greene is a renowned theoretical physicist, and his new book, “The Hidden Reality,” has landed on The New York Times bestseller list. It explores some of the most literally out there thinking today. Greene spoke with Need to Know producer Win Rosenfeld to discuss multiple universes, dark energy and why astronomers of the future shouldn’t believe their eyes.