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American Voices: Lt. Commander Pam Wall

Lt. Commander Pam Wall is a psychiatric nurse with the U.S. Navy, and a Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program Scholar. Here she talks about the unique advantages nurses have when it comes to delivering mental health care to wounded veterans.

Lieutenant Commander Pam Wall is a nurse with the U.S. Navy, but chances are you won’t find her running an I.V. or distributing meds. She’s a psychiatric nurse, and a scholar with the Jonas Center – a philanthropy supporting the training and education of nurses in veterans’ health care around the nation.

We caught up with her as she and her colleague, Commander Sean Convoy, taught a class on post-traumatic stress disorder to a group of nursing students at the University Of Pennsylvania.

Wall emphasized the clear connections she sees between nursing care and mental health care. She says that while the traumas of war have been with us forever, the conflicts the U.S. are fighting today, with an often-unseen enemy, cause unique stress on our fighting forces. This is where nurses step in — getting wounded veterans the psychological care they might need.