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Brain drain

America’s technological innovation in the past couple of years has sprung from Silicon Valley – home to the likes of Facebook, Google and Intel. Alongside these giants are the start-ups that are also pushing the field forward and creating jobs. And if you look at who’s running and working at these companies, many of them are foreign entrepreneurs educated right here in America.

But because of visa hurdles and an impossible road to getting permanent residency in the country, many are having to shut down their companies and take their business and jobs back home. It’s a reverse brain drain that could potentially cost the U.S. jobs and blunt its competitive edge. However, there is a large contingent of Americans in the tech and computer industry who want these foreigners to leave. They feel they’ve been forced to take lower wages and pushed out of their jobs because of the wave of foreign workers who’ve been allowed in on the same H-1B visas. Need to Know’s Rick Karr travels to Silicon Valley and New York City to investigate.

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