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Guns battle: Attitudes about firearms after the Arizona tragedy

In the aftermath of last weekend’s tragedy in Arizona, we are left to wrestle with the question of how best to prevent these kinds of violent incidents in the future. Gun control advocates say that with 80 to 90 gun deaths each day in the U.S., the best answer is more regulations and fewer guns on America’s streets.  But gun rights advocates think just the opposite — that more guns make us safer.

Back in May, we introduced you to some advocates of what’s called the “open carry” movement. If you’re a gun owner you may already know the term. If not, the “open carry” advocates want the right to carry guns openly pretty much anywhere. And, as you might expect, they oppose many gun regulations. In the wake of the shootings in Tucson, we wanted to see if they’d changed their attitudes at all about guns, so our correspondent, John Larson, checked in with them again this week.