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Help Wanted: Amid Nevada’s jobs crisis, trying to teach workers new skills

As part of this week’s special “Help Wanted” edition of Need to Know, we travel to Nevada, site of the upcoming Republican presidential caucus, to investigate that state’s economy. Nevada is in the midst of a jobs crisis, with its 12.6 percent unemployment rate.

While there are too many workers looking for too few jobs, there’s another problem: finding young people with the right skills to fill jobs that are available.

Our report on Nevada’s effort to train workers for high-tech jobs is by Michael Hagerty of PBS station KNPB in Reno: 

This segment was produced with the support of a grant that Need to Know provided to eight public television stations across the country to highlight national issues that are impacting local communities. Grants were awarded to the following stations: KNPB-TV Channel 5 (Reno, Nev.), Mountain Lake Public Telecommunications Council (Plattsburgh, NY), Nashville Public Television (Nashville, Tenn.), Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (Lincoln, Neb.), Nine Network of Public Media (St. Louis, Mo.), Pioneer Public Television (Appleton, Minn.), WXXI (Rochester, NY) and WBGU-TV (Bowling Green, Ohio).