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Safety matters: Injuries and fatalities at ‘model’ workplaces

As part of our investigative series The Watch List comes a report on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Voluntary Protection Programs, or VPP. VPP has designated more than 2,400 workplaces across the U.S. as “model worksites” and allows them an exemption from inspections by regulators.

But what happens when workers are seriously injured – or even killed – at these supposedly safe VPP sites?  Over the last decade, at least 80 workers have died at dozens of VPP sites, yet a majority of those companies were allowed to stay in the program.

That’s the subject of this investigation, which we bring to you in cooperation with our colleagues at the Center for Public Integrity’s iWatch News. Need to Know’s Mona Iskander reports.


At iWatch News: ‘Model workplaces’ not always so safe

Correction: An earlier post on this page incorrectly stated that some VPP worksites had experienced dozens of fatalities rather than what we intended to say, which is that fatalities have occurred at dozens of VPP sites. We regret the error and have corrected it.