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Welcome to the new Need to Know website

Welcome to the new Need to Know website. We’re changing the focus of the show, as you can probably tell from our new look.

Need to Know will spend the next 15 months covering the campaign for president, but we’re going to do it differently. Here on the website, as well as on the broadcast, we’ll be covering the campaign from the voters’ perspective, not the candidates’. In cities and towns all across the country, we citizens are already dealing with the consequences of decisions our political leaders have made, or declined to make, in Washington.  The issues the candidates are debating are not abstract or theoretical to average Americans; they are what we are struggling to live with every day.

You’ll be hearing from citizens like you, as we continue to do the kind of reporting Need to Know has featured since its debut in May of 2010.  We will cover the issues of our day through the stories of our lives.

We’ll continue to bring you stories from the Watch List, in which we investigate what happens when industries are largely left to regulate themselves. We’ll meet Change Agents, private citizens who innovate, inspire and lead.  We’ll gather some of the brightest minds and ask what simple suggestion they have to Fix America.

We’ll have personal essays and op ed columns from fresh voices. We hope those voices will include yours. Post comments, offer us story ideas in our pitch room, follow us on twitter.  We’ll have fresh news and analysis every day.

Thanks for visiting and viewing Need to Know.

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    Mike Daisey takes a bite out of Apple
    The veteran reporter combines his own story, conversations with dozens of workers outside the Shenzhen plant, and the history of the tech company to highlight the human cost of some of the world's most popular computers and gadgets.
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    Remembering Susan Sontag
    A new play examines the early life of a seminal American writer and her legacy of serious political debate and inquiry.
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    Walking through walls with Mark Rylance
    In his Tony acceptance speech last night, the actor confused and bemused, but it's a magic trick he's performed before.