Cyberchase: A Renewable Hope

From our partners at Cyberchase: Hacker has finally captured those Earth kids on the Wreaker! Before he can decide what to do next, an alarm goes off…the Wreaker is out of fuel! He lands on the nearest cybersite, Ekardia, an eerie place with no one in sight and no way to contact anyone. He has only one choice: enlist the CyberSquad’s help so they can ALL get back home. They find one Ekardian left behind – Ted. Everyone else left because Ekardia ran out of frixite, the nonrenewable resource they used to power everything. Now Ted lives off the natural resources around him. If Hacker and the kids are going to get home, they and their resourceful new friend will need to learn from Ekardia’s past. Can they also help save its future?

 Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: