Is your city a “Sinking City”?

Each of the four cities featured in Sinking Cities – New York, Tokyo, London and Miami — has a specific set of complex geographical, architectural and community issues that make the imminent threat of rising sea levels and climate change a unique challenge.

Unfortunately, these issues are not just tied to these four cities. Cities across the United States (and the world) are grappling with the effects of sea-level rise.

We mapped out 10 U.S. cities that are at risk to give a snapshot of the climate issues facing our country:

1. Click on one of the pins to learn about that city’s climate issues, and see how it relates to the Sinking Cities highlighted in our series. Learn more about the climate challenges in each city.
2. Then, by clicking the map key at the top-right corner, you can also choose to see which cities and states have climate or resiliency as part of their government agenda. Whether as a designated department, program or initiative, these offices strive to create public services, policies and infrastructure that build resiliency in their communities in the face of climate change.

“Cities are both the cause & the cure. If we build cities the right way, they’re much closer to being the solution.” – Vishaan Chakrabarti, Architect, Founder of PAU

There are sinking cities across the country – and across the world. What can they learn from each other?

Editor’s Note: A complete list of sources used for this map can be found here.