About the Series


“Our goal as artists is to create this catalyst for a conversation that can grow…”

– Nicole Baker | Dancer, Rehearsal Director, and Climate Artist.

Produced in partnership with ALL ARTS, this docuseries takes a look at how artists from a variety of artistic mediums — including painting, music, poetry, dance, and design — tell the story of climate change in a way that engages viewers on a uniquely human level. Their work exposes the direct impact environmental injustice has had on already vulnerable populations, and offers a way for the audience to understand the immensity of our challenges in a tangible often tactile way.


Whether their art focuses on their place of origin, or locations they have traveled, each piece explored in the series speaks to our collective connection to the earth as the place from which we grow, learn, draw inspiration, and ultimately as the home we must protect.

Episode One: Climate Speaks | Premieres Sept. 5th

Hosted by the Climate MuseumClimate Speaks presents an opportunity for NYC high schoolers to join the conversation on climate and make a difference through spoken word poetry. Months of workshops and coaching culminate into their live performance at the historic Apollo Theater.

Episode Two: EARTH by Eryc Taylor Dance | Premieres Sept. 12th

The dance company presents a seven-part series, EARTH that explores earth’s rise and descent into climate change and how dancers can help the global warming crisis.

Episode Three: Elegy for the Arctic | Premieres Sept. 19th

The composer, Ludovico Einaudi, composes and plays the piano piece “Elegy for the Arctic” from a man-made glacier stage surrounded by crumbling glaciers (sponsored by Greenpeace).

Episode Four: Kapu Collective | Premieres Sept. 26th

Kapu Collective creates paintings on natural surfaces like icebergs or forest trees, letting the biodegradable images rapidly melt or get washed away by natural forces to create a sense of urgency.

Episode Five: Nature – Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial | Premieres Oct. 3rd

Cooper Hewitt’s “Nature” exhibition shows how designers are exploring sustainable production methods, identifying new ways for protecting future generations, and deepening our understanding of — and relationship with — nature.

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