About The Sweaty Penguin

Meet The Sweaty Penguin: Antarctica’s Hottest Podcast.

Hosted by Ethan Brown, each week we focus on one climate change issue in-depth. Listen to a late-night style monologue chock full of information and research (and lots of pop culture references– we like Friends around here) into one specific climate topic, why it’s important, and what we can do (individually or on the policy level) to solve the issue. Then, hear from an expert in conversation with Ethan to gain a deeper perspective on the issue. From “ADHD” to “Vanilla” to “Fast Fashion,” The Sweaty Penguin covers a wide range of topics that intersect with climate change and everyday life. The goal? To make environmental issues more fun and less politicized so people of any political ideology or interest level can learn, engage, and find common ground.

Meet the Host, Ethan Brown:

Ethan Brown is a senior at Boston University studying Environmental Analysis & Policy and Film & Television. Ethan was never the outdoorsy type growing up, but after studying the risks associated with climate change, he felt compelled to use his years of comedy writing experience as Editor-in-Chief of both his high school and college satire publications to communicate environmental issues to others in a fun and entertaining way.

Finding himself with some free time during early quarantine, Ethan launched The Sweaty Penguin Podcast. In its first year, The Sweaty Penguin went on to win two grants from BU, interview 40 distinguished experts from seven countries across four continents, and receive thousands of downloads. Through The Sweaty PenguinEthan aims to make climate change less overwhelming and politicized, and more accessible and fun, which he hopes will lead to more engagement, conversation, and progress.

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