The Time to Act Is Now: A Conversation with Climate Activists Adrian Grenier, Jamie Margolin, and Anna Buretta

Without immediate action, the threats of rising sea levels, water scarcity, hurricanes and droughts among others will continue to snowball and could displace as many as 216 million people over the next 30 years. The threats are so immediate that even if emissions are cut to zero overnight, it will take decades to reverse the damage that has already taken place. In this conversation, Adrian Grenier (Actor, Director, Producer and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador) and Gen Z climate activists Jamie Margolin (Founder and Co-Executive Director of ZeroHour) and Anna Buretta (Youth Climate Activist, Fridays for Future) explain why the time to act is now.

This conversation was produced by The Peace Studio, a non-profit that promotes restorative narrative in journalism in collaboration with The WNET Group’s “Exploring Hate,” “Peril & Promise” and ALL ARTS.