Climate change is jeopardizing trade along the Mississippi

The Mississippi River’s superhighway in Louisiana accounts for thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in trade through the shipping industry. But as climate change causes water levels to rise, activists and experts are looking for ways to tackle the problems for the people who depend on the mighty river. Nexus Media’s Josh Landis reports as part of our climate change series, “Peril & Promise.”

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Climate Change Along the Mississippi River

How is climate change affecting America’s heartland? In this special series from PBS Newshour Weekend, in partnership with Nexus Media News, we examine how the changing climate is impacting states along the Mississippi River. See how the region is dealing with rising waters, environmental hazards and disruption of commerce — and  how its implementing adaptation measures and solutions. We travel along the Mississippi, from Minnesota all the way down to Louisiana, to see how residents, businesses and entire communities are dealing with the effects of a warming world.