Kapu Collective

Follow the artists of Kapu Collective as they create paintings on natural surfaces like icebergs or forest trees, and let their works melt or be washed away by natural forces to demonstrate the urgency of climate change.

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September 5, 2019 | Climate Artists
  "Our goal as artists is to create this catalyst for a conversation that can grow..." - Nicole Baker | Dancer, ...

Climate Artists: Watch from ALL ARTS

How can art amplify the urgency of climate change?

When it comes to addressing the climate crisis, these artists come with their own tools of persuasion. Follow teen poets, an arctic composer, garden dancers, ice painters, and a deep sea sculptor in a cinematic series that explores climate through an artistic lens. This five-part series production in partnership with ALL ARTS channel travels from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to the Arctic, offering a powerful, even hopeful, message on climate change.

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