NYC Rising: Food, Interrupted

In Hunts Point, the workday ends at 7:00AM for most workers. That’s because they’ve been working all night in the bustling food distribution center in the South Bronx that serves as the food supply hub for 22 million people… but sits vulnerably right on the water. We take you inside the busy fish and meat markets to meet some of the New Yorkers who are keeping it running… and learn just how critical this hub is to feeding the region. Superstorm Sandy spared much of Hunts Point, but it was only luck. We’ll show you the ambitious plans to guard against floods and keep the lights turned on in a disaster. Local community organizers have been taking resiliency into their own hands for years, but the full proposed solution for the area will cost billions of dollars. With so much at stake, you’ll learn what’s being done to protect NYC’s critical food distribution centers.

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