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  • Standup to Sitcom Preview

    This star-packed episode features fresh interviews with Jerry Seinfeld, Roseanne Barr, Tim Allen, Ray Romano, and Bob Newhart. The program reveals how America’s top standup comics made the transition to the sitcom form; and includes dozens of side-splitting clips from … Continue reading

    Length: 00:00:30
    Standup to Sitcom Preview
  • Miniseries Preview

    Join the stars of landmark miniseries who kept America — and the world — riveted to the epic sagas they portrayed in a new television format. Featuring “Roots,” “Rich Man, Poor Man” and “The Thorn Birds.” Premieres on PBS on … Continue reading

    Length: 00:00:30
    Miniseries Episode -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Miniseries Preview
  • Roots as Untold History

    “Roots” actors Leslie Uggams (Kizzy) and LeVar Burton (the young Kunta Kinte) talk about how the miniseries brought untold African-American history to light, making “Roots” a lesson for everyone.  The miniseries “Roots” is featured on the Pioneers of Television: Miniseries … Continue reading

    Length: 00:02:01
    LeVar Burton as Kunta Kinte in Roots -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Roots as Untold History
  • A Transcendent Moment in Roots

    “Roots” co-stars Louis Gossett Jr. and LeVar Burton describe a special scene they shared and all that it implied. Gossett Jr., who played the character Fiddler, spontaneously added a line of his own when comforting the young Kunta Kinte, played … Continue reading

    Length: 00:04:11
    Louis Gossett Jr. and LeVar Burton in Roots -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    A Transcendent Moment in Roots
  • John Amos on Ancestors and Roots

    One day while on the set of “Roots,” actor John Amos  felt “taken by the spirit” of his ancestors.  Amos played the adult Kunta Kinte in the ground-breaking miniseries about the African-American experience of slavery.  “Roots” is featured in the … Continue reading

    Length: 00:01:53
    John Amos -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    John Amos on Ancestors and Roots
  • Lou Ferrigno and Burt Ward on Living a Childhood Dream

    As a child, Lou Ferrigno wished he could be like “The Hulk” he read about in comic books. He achieved his dream when he won the role on the television show, “The Incredible Hulk.” Burt Ward’s childhood dream was to … Continue reading

    Length: 00:02:05
    Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Lou Ferrigno and Burt Ward on Living a Childhood Dream
  • Dangerous Stunts on Batman

    Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) recall the risky stunts during the early days of “Batman.”  Ward was sent to the hospital multiple times during the first week of shooting.  “Batman” is featured in Pioneers of Television’s Superheroes episode, … Continue reading

    Length: 00:02:30
    Robin and Batman -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Dangerous Stunts on Batman
  • Wonder Woman, Everyone’s Superhero

    Lynda Carter describes the origins of Wonder Woman and how she played the part on television to appeal to both both women and men, and girls and boys.

    Length: 00:02:40
    Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Wonder Woman, Everyone’s Superhero
  • Dallas Cast on First Impressions

    In this outtake from Primetime Soaps, Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman, and Linda Gray recall first impressions of the “Dallas” cast and script. Duffy says that joining the cast of Dallas was “fundamentally the most important decision I ever made, other … Continue reading

    Length: 00:02:39
    Dallas Cast -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Dallas Cast on First Impressions
  • Superheroes Preview

    Survey decades of superheroes, from “Superman” in the 1950s to “Batman” in the 60s to “Wonder Woman” in the 70s and “The Greatest American Hero” in the 80s.  This Pioneers of Television episode premieres Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 8:00 … Continue reading

    Length: 00:00:30
    Superheroes - Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Superheroes Preview
  • Dallas: A Scoundrel Emerges

    Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy talk about their characters, the brothers J.R. Ewing and Bobby Ewing, and balancing the good and the bad in “Dallas.” Hagman won fans as Dallas’ famous villain, J.R. Ewing. “Good guys, that’s the hard work,” said … Continue reading

    Length: 00:01:35
    Hagman and Duffy -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Dallas: A Scoundrel Emerges
  • Joan Collins on ‘Dynasty’ Fashion

    Joan Collins explains how her character on “Dynasty,” Alexis Carrington, required a high sense of fashion on the set. “Dynasty” is featured on the Pioneers of Television episode, Primetime Soaps.

    Length: 00:01:30
    Joan Collins -- Pioneers of Television | PBS
    Joan Collins on ‘Dynasty’ Fashion