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Saul Gonzalez

Contributing Correspondent

Saul Gonzalez is a reporter and producer for KCET-TV, the PBS affiliate in Los Angeles. He has widely contributed to public television for more than 15 years. Gonzalez began his broadcast career as a news researcher at KCET following his graduation from UCLA. Since then he has served as an associate producer, producer and on-air correspondent. Among the programs he has produced are election specials, town hall forums, arts and culture specials and in-depth conversations with Salman Rushdie, Carlos Fuentes and Jodie Foster, among others.

Gonzalez’ eclectic reporting on various subjects – ranging from drug violence in Mexico, clinical efforts to treat sexual predators and the controversy over what America should do with its nuclear waste to Japanese swordsmanship, the history of neon signage, and the world of tattoo artists on the Sunset Strip – has earned him six regional Emmys and seven Golden Mike awards.

In 2001, Gonzalez became the Los Angeles producer for THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM

LEHRER. While at the NEWSHOUR, he covered such stories as illegal trafficking in human beings, overfishing of the world’s oceans, the day to day operations of the prison at Guantanamo Bay and military tensions on the Korean Peninsula. He also produced and wrote documentaries for the high definition cable network HDNET. Gonzalez became a contributing correspondent for RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY in 2002 and has been awarded a CINE Golden Eagle Award for his report, “Euro Islam,” about Islam’s role in shaping contemporary European society.

Gonzalez is the recipient of the WGBHN/PBS Young Producers’ Fellowship, the German Marshall Fund Fellowship and the University of Bonn/German Foreign Ministry Fellowship.

He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife and son.