Secrets of the Dead

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Narrated by Jay O. Sanders
Directed & Written by Melisa Akdogan

Editor: Phillip Perry
Director of Photography: Isaac Rodriguez, Neville Kidd, Tim Chevalier
Original Music: Edward White
Additional Music: Audio Networks
Sound: Mitch Espe, Brian Howell, Henau Marais
Drama Director: Ben Mole
Drama Director of Photography: Nic Hofmeyer
Production Services Drama: Moonlighting Films LTD
Associate Producer: Laura Harris
Researcher: Megan Townley-Wakelin
Head of Production: Kathy Hale
Line Producer: Peter Guest
Production Coordinator: Louise Weston
Lead Historical Consultant: Adrian Wisnicki

Production Assistant: Rachel Hartman
Coordinating Producer: Stephanie Carter
Budget Controller: Joy Simms

Executive Producers, Sky Vision: Tom Adams, Danny Tipping

Executive in Charge: Stephen Segaller
Executive Producer: Steve Burns

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