SpecialThirteen Forum: Secrets of the Dead - Mumbai Massacre

Presented as part of THIRTEEN Forum, Director Victoria Pitt, Executive Producer Jared Lipworth, author Mira Kamdar (@MiraKamdar on Twitter), and Al Jazeera correspondent Todd Baer join Columbia Journalism School’s Sree Sreenivasan (@sreenet on Twitter) for a discussion about the making of Secrets of the Dead: Mumbai Massacre and the events surrounding the November 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai. Presented in partnership with SAJAforum.

Also, read journalist Todd Baer’s Forum blog post, “Revisiting the Mumbai Massacre.”


Victoria Pitt, director
Jared Lipworth, executive producer
Mira Kamdar, author, Planet India
Todd Baer, Al Jazeera

Recorded at The Journalism School, Columbia University, November 17, 2009. Runtime: 67 minutes.

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