Share Your Journey

The journey of the Jewish diaspora has had an immense impact on the development of modern world politics, economics and culture. Many modern Jews can trace their roots back to distant lands far from their current home. These journeys permeate generations, passed down through treasured stories, objects and photographs. Where did your family's journey begin? What is your diaspora story? Share your journey below and include a family photograph, home video or image of a special heirloom that represents your own Story of the Jews.

Betty Gerendasy

New York, NY

My mother, Szeren Frischman from Cigand, Hungary, met and married my father, Izso Klein from Dombrad, in Hungary in 1935. My mother was already a US citizen and my ...

Leslie What

Portland, OR, United States

Here's a newspaper clipping with my father, not yet off the boat.  He’s the worried young man with the kinky black hair on the right of the photo. He ...

Samuel Schacher

New York, NY, United States

This picture survived WW II. It shows my father's first family in Czestochowa, Poland in 1940. Their (and my) story is known by most people in the world ...

Harry Schwarz

Agoura Hills, CA, United States

I, Hersz Szwarz (Harry Schwarz) traveled to Ellis Island aboard the US General Hersey in 1949. My parents were leaving from a DP camp in Landsberg, Germany, where I was ...

Carole Goldsmith

Ra'anana, Israel

4 generations together in Israel: This is a picture of our family in 2010. My (now ex-) husband (in the hat), his brother and older sister were born is South Africa, ...

Robbin Leon Cowen (Cohen)

Hunt, TX, United States

The story in the family is that my great grandfather, Simon Cohen, came to the US from Poland in about 1860. He was born in Pazin on April 27,1835. Supposedly ...

Anne-Marie Savage Ross

Oakland, CA

I didn't grow up a Jew. Neither did my mother, or her father, or his father before that, or anyone's father as long as anyone can remember. But ...

Yvonne Beltzer

Burbank, CA, United States

This is the wedding photo of my paternal grandparents, who got married in Brooklyn after arriving in America circa 1897. They were first cousins. He was from Schlisselberg, Russia outside ...

Sandy Goldberg

New York, NY, United States

Both my parents are Holocaust survivors. My father is from Tarnow, Poland, about 45 miles east of Krakow. He was one of seven children and the only one in his ...

Adam Tritt

Palm Bay, FL, United States

My Grandmothers came from The Ukraine. This is a poem I wrote for my daughter. I am a second generation Jew. My wife's family, and this is the first time I ...

ron heller

New York, NY, United States

My parent came separately to New York City. My Mom from Hamburg in 1938 and my Dad from Nuremberg in 1935. They met here. My father's family lived in Nuremberg ...

Eva Arnott

Arlington, MA, United States

My father's family had been in Vienna as literate civil servants and professionals since the early nineteenth century when only a few Jews lived in that city. Family names ...

Deila Mangold

Scottsdale, AZ, United States

My wonderful gentle, kind father passed away just 10 days ago. He 97 and a German Jew. Many people at the memorial service were stunned to learn this, his ...

Ellen Mayer-Splain

Springfield, VA

In 1936, my grandmother (Ellen Wildau, 18), her mother (Ida Wildau, ?), and her maternal grandmother (Zerlina Strauss, 84), left Germany to emigrate to New York via England. Ida's ...

Miriam Silver

Bennington, VT, United States

I am 85 years old and the first girl in the family to be born in the United States. My grandfather lived in a small town outside of Balta, ...