The journey of the Jewish diaspora has had an immense impact on the development of modern world politics, economics and culture. Many modern Jews can trace their roots back to distant lands far from their current home. These journeys permeate generations, passed down through treasured stories, objects and photographs. Where did your family's journey begin? What is your diaspora story? Share your journey below and include a family photograph, home video or image of a special heirloom that represents your own Story of the Jews.

Dov Samuel

Los Angeles, CA, United States

My parents emigrated from Mumbai, India and settled in Toronto, Canada in 1965. We’re Bene Israel Jews. Our story is very old going back almost 2000 years when it’s said the original jews were shipwrecked along the west coast of India just south of Mumbai. Growing up in Toronto among non-Jews had it’s challenges being non-white, but it was the Ashkenazi Jewish community that was unwilling to accept us as Jews. In contrast, the Bene Israel Jews have lived in India for centuries without persecution from the ruling Hindus and Moslems. My ancestors have been business owners, politicians, soldiers, poets, and civil servants. This is a photo of my paternal grand parents seated on the extreme left and right of the front row attending Synagogue in the early 1970’s.

My Journey
Mumbai, MH, India Los Angeles, CA, United States