The journey of the Jewish diaspora has had an immense impact on the development of modern world politics, economics and culture. Many modern Jews can trace their roots back to distant lands far from their current home. These journeys permeate generations, passed down through treasured stories, objects and photographs. Where did your family's journey begin? What is your diaspora story? Share your journey below and include a family photograph, home video or image of a special heirloom that represents your own Story of the Jews.

Natasha Rabinovich

Easton, CT, United States

Both sides of my family came to the United States from Russia as Refuseniks. However, my grandfather was not granted an exit visa. The picture is of my dad in New York at the Solidarity Day Rally in 1987. After campaigning for my grandfather’s release for years, he was finally released in 1989.

My Journey
Russia Easton, CT, United States