September 8, 2016

In addition to the five characters featured in Time for School: 2003 -2016, we have also been following the journey of Raluca in Romania since 2003. As with the rest of our students, we went back and caught up with her recently. Her story was featured on PBS NewsHour in September 2015.

In post-Communist Romania, seven-year-old Raluca Ifrimescu handled a 45-minute subway commute, by herself, to attend one of Bucharest’s finest public schools. As the country transitioned to capitalism, its schools moved from a curriculum based on rote memorization to one that encourages critical thinking. Raluca’s hard-working parents always supported her dreams and with their support, she was able to attend one of the elite public high schools in Bucharest. She graduated at the top of her class and is now fulfilling a lifelong dream of traveling out of Romania and attending university in the UK. She is currently a junior.

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