Alexandre Lima

September 9, 2016

JeffersonProdImageBeing a field producer for PBS on Time for School since 2003 has been a great experience as a filmmaker and as a human being. The film gave me the chance to get together with Jefferson and his wonderful family for all these years, and it was a great pleasure to collaborate on telling their story.

My time in the field with Jeff and his family has also given me the chance to grow as a storyteller. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate on a project that has addressed the challenges and achievements of education around the world.

And it’s been great to get to know the other kids and also love them, through the sensitive footage and stories the other field producers have shot. I am so proud to be part of a team with such talent and compassion for the people they are filming.

Finally, I want to thank Jefferson, Jessica, Bianca, Alexander and Leslie for their combined commitment, and also everybody else on the Time for School team, who have trusted me with such a great mission as being the field producer for the Brazilian part of this beautiful journey on education.

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