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The UFT’s Charter Schools

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the two landmark schools are not only taught by teachers - they're governed by them, too. How a powerful teacher's union hopes to change the face of education in America.

Sep 11th, 2008

Globalization: Segment One from Full Episode

The U.S. is in an economic race, competing with countries around the globe. The outcome of that contest will have a lot to do with our schools.

Sep 8th, 2008

Teachers: Segment Two from Full Episode

Everyone agrees that teachers are the single most important factor in student performance. But what makes a great teacher? And how do we best recruit, retain and reward them?

Sep 8th, 2008

Achievement: Segment Three from Full Episode

The education system is a national and state economic crisis. Future graduates will not be able to compete for jobs in our global economy. Are alternative schools the answer?

Sep 8th, 2008

Testing: No Child Left Behind: Segment Four from Full Episode

NCLB has dramatically changed the landscape of our schools. Due to be reauthorized next year, it's likely to top the agenda of the next President. What is its future?

Sep 8th, 2008

Finance: Segment Five from Full Episode

School finance is one of the most vigorously debated issues in education reform. One of the key questions: should the federal government pump more money into America's schools?

Sep 8th, 2008

A Nation at Risk: Are Our Schools Still in Peril?

25 years ago, the report, Nation at Risk: The Imperative For Educational Reform, came to a disturbing conclusion: our education system was falling behind the rest of the world. How have our schools fared since these wake-up calls? Are we still a nation at risk?

Sep 8th, 2008

Message from Ron Thorpe, Vice President and Director of the Educational Resources Center at Thirteen/WNET

A message from Executive Producer of "Where We Stand."

Sep 4th, 2008

Globalization: FLAP: An Ohio Program Aimed at Global Learning & Language

A summary of the program - in the context of schools across the country - and examples of how they are teaching kids about the world.

Sep 4th, 2008


Where We Stand takes a look at the most pressing issues in education. The program doesn't concern one place, or one problem. This is about all of our schools, and where they stand.

Sep 2nd, 2008

A Message from Producer Rebecca Haggerty

Details from behind-the-scenes of Where We Stand, including the challenges of tackling the topic of education.

Sep 1st, 2008

Production Credits

Where We Stand Production Credits

Sep 1st, 2008

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