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Suicide Bombers: Map: Recent Suicide Terror: United States

On September 11, 2001, 19 men hijacked four commercial jets, intentionally crashing them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Jul 1st, 2004 | Comments

AIDS Warriors: Map: AIDS in Sub-Sahara Africa

In Africa, the AIDS pandemic continues to infect millions. Read more about how the disease is impacting five African nations.

Jul 24th, 2003 | Comments

Exclusive to al-Jazeera: Map: The Middle East

Explore a map of the vast Middle East, featuring cities from Rabat to Islamabad, Ankara to Khartoum. For each country, the map features information on the capital, year of independence, and political structure.

Jul 10th, 2003 | Comments

Coca and the Congressman: Map: South America: Colombia

Jul 7th, 2003 | Comments

Coca and the Congressman: Map: South America: Introduction

Learn about the history and politics of South America.

Jul 7th, 2003 | Comments

Cause for Murder: Human Rights in Central America

Learn more about human rights conditions in Mexico and its neighbors in Central America in our map.

Sep 5th, 2002 | Comments

Bitter Harvest: Map: From Poppy Field to Western Markets: Opium Production in Afghanistan

Use our Maps to size up the scope of Afghanistan's opium industry.

Aug 22nd, 2002 | Comments

Saddam’s Ultimate Solution: Map: The Kurdish “Problem” and Saddam’s Ultimate Solution

Plot Saddam's response to the Kurdish "problem" on these maps.

Jul 11th, 2002 | Comments

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