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From Jihad to Rehab: Audio: Why Militants Quit

Interview with Dr. John Horgan, director of the International Center for the Study of Terrorism at Penn State University.

Dec 17th, 2008 | Comments

From Jihad to Rehab: Slideshow: Art Therapy

Slideshow of drawings done by former jihadists in art therapy.

Dec 16th, 2008 | Comments

Muslim Graves Desecrated for Third Time

The tombs of Muslim soldiers who served in the French army during World War I were desecrated on Sunday night in a cemetery in the north of France.

Dec 9th, 2008 | Comments

Evo Morales Speaks at Columbia

The Bolivian president spoke about democracy in the Americas, his country's coca growers movement, and the diplomatic row between Bolivia and the U.S.

Nov 19th, 2008 | Comments

1-800-INDIA: Interview: Clyde Prestowitz

Bill Moyers interviews Clyde Prestowitz, author of the book hree Billion New Capitalists: The Great Shift of Wealth and Power to the East.

Nov 2nd, 2008 | Comments

Iraqi Exodus: Video: Syrian Ambassador on the Impact of Refugees

In this WIDE ANGLE web exclusive, Bashar Ja'afari, the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations, describes how Iraqi refugees have changed life in Syria.

Aug 19th, 2008 | Comments

China Prep: The Gaokao: How Would You Fare?

Try these sample questions from China's national college entrance exam.

Aug 13th, 2008 | Comments

China Prep: Video: Students Around the World Relive Entrance Exams

In this WIDE ANGLE web exclusive, five students and recent graduates share their experiences with these stressful, sometimes life-altering tests.

Aug 12th, 2008 | Comments

China Prep: Audio: When China Becomes the World’s Largest Economy

China will inevitably become the largest economy in the world, according to Andrew Nathan, chair of Columbia University's department of Political Science.

Aug 12th, 2008 | Comments

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