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Evo Morales Speaks at Columbia

The Bolivian president spoke about democracy in the Americas, his country's coca growers movement, and the diplomatic row between Bolivia and the U.S.

Nov 19th, 2008 | Comments

Burning Season: Photo Essay: Endangered Animals in the World’s Forests

This photo essay illustrates some of the species threatened by deforestation, as well as information about the forests where these animals reside.

Jul 22nd, 2008 | Comments

A Woman Among Warlords: Photo Essay: Portraits of Afghan Women

The women featured in this slideshow are participants in the sponsorship program of Women for Women International.

Sep 11th, 2007 | Comments

The Sand Castle: Audio Slideshow

Watch an audio slideshow featuring photographs of the master plan for Ras al-Khaimah's new capital city from the Office for Metropolitan Architecture. The firm won the competition to execute HH Sheikh Saud's dream of a new self-sustaining financial center in the emirate.

Jul 24th, 2007 | Comments

Victory Is Your Duty: Photo Essay: Cuban Political Posters

This photo essay chronicles some of the most exceptional Cuban revolution posters from the 1960s through the 1980s, showcasing the vivid imagery, graphic wit, and propaganda slogans of the time.

Jul 10th, 2007 | Comments

Pilgrimage to Karbala: Who are the Shia?: Introduction

Modern Islam is divided into two main branches: the Sunni and the Shia. These sects share the core beliefs of Islam, but the schism between the two was cemented by the politics of the early Muslim world, and by differing interpretations of the Islamic scripture.

Mar 26th, 2007 | Comments

Pilgrimage to Karbala: Memoir: Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis: Introduction

Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis is a two-part graphic novel in which the author recalls growing up in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution and in Europe during the 1980s.

Mar 26th, 2007 | Comments

Democracy in the Rough: Photo Essay: The Troubled Heart of Africa

Explore the history of the DRC from Belgian King Leopold II to Joseph Kabila in this photo essay.

Sep 12th, 2006 | Comments

Kids Cards

See how the children featured in WIDE ANGLE episode "Time for School" are faring now in the "Kid Cards" photo essay.

Sep 5th, 2006 | Comments

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