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July 24th, 2007
The Sand Castle
Export Dubai

Unlike Abu Dhabi, Dubai boasts no vast oil reserves or territory. The emirate’s plans to diversify its economy and fashion itself into a global center for trade and tourism led to an unprecedented construction boom in the area. Today, signature buildings and massive artificial islands are synonymous with the state’s landscape, and Dubai’s name stands for luxury and extravagance. Behind this accelerated urbanism of the last two decades lie the Gulf’s major developers — semi-public companies like Emaar, Sama Dubai, Nakheel, Limitless, DAMAC and Qatari Diar. Now they are ready to export their expertise into other countries. In the process, they are also extending the emirate’s influence throughout the Middle East and beyond.

Satellite office in Shanghai and modern community developments in Beijing and Shanghai including hotels, retail and schools.

2.7 billion
Project to establish a presence in China through a mixed residential and commercial project in Tanggu District, overlooking Tianjin Port.

$1.5 billion
Nakheel is constructing Djibouti’s first 5-star hotel in a first-phase project for a luxury tourist destination.

The Nile Corniche Towers, an extensive project on the east bank of the Nile, will express ‘Qatari culture and sophistication’ on Cairo’s skyline.
Qatari Diar

$16 billion
30 million square meters
The Gamsha Bay Township project in Hurghada will offer the very best of Egypt with its coral reefs, hills and beautiful coastline.

$4.15 billion
Emaar signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Egyptian Government to start work on an integrated community based in Egypt’s new Smart Village Greater Cairo. Other developments include Cairo Heights and Alexandria.

$4 billion
Over five locations identified for development of residential, shopping, landscaped gardens and civic facilities.

$20 billion
Nakheel and Delhi-based DLF Group sealed deals for the two township projects in India, one near National Capital Region and the other in Maharashtra, along a coastal region.

New Bali
Multi-billion dollar development on Lombok island includes resort and residential development. The project is a joint venture between Emaar and the Indonesian government covering 6,070,000 square metres.

$0.5 billion
The Dead Sea Gold and Beach Resort is one of the largest undertakings in Jordan’s property development.

In December 2004 Dr. Mahatir Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia, visited Emaar for a briefing on all major projects.

$2 billion
Amwaj Project
Waterfront metropolis in Rabat. Project is a reflection of the strong bond that exists between the UAE and Morocco.
Sama Dubai

$0.5 billion
Marina de Casablanca
Twin tower development includes a ‘business and life’ center and will house a 5-star hotel, offices and entertainment / shopping center.
Sama Dubai

$6.9 billion
Contract with King Mohammed VI to develop communities comprising of residential, commercial, retail, leisure and entertainment facilities and mountain and sea resorts.

$0.6 billion
Al Houara Resort in Tangier is the first overseas project for Qatari Diar, offering an authentic and unique Moroccan way of life for its residents.

Qatari Diar is working with the Omani Ministry of Tourism to create an eco-tourist resort inspired by the local wildlife and environment.

$20 billion
The 25,000 hectares Karachi Waterfront development ‘will be a new Karachi.’ The new city will also be home to Special Economic Zones.

$2.4 billion
Master planned communities in Islamabad and Karachi, including over 14,000 residences, shopping, hotels and amenities.

$11 billion
The Great Domodedovo Project is the first offering in Europe. Developed in partnership with the Russian company Coaleo, it aims to build a fully fledged and structurally balanced city.

Saudi Arabia
$26.6 billion
King Abdullah Economic City is the largest private investment ever in Saudi Arabia.

$0.25 billion
This Saudi development venture with Nakheel is part of Dubai’s efforts to improve pan-Arab business cooperation.

A 5-star resort complete with shopping amenities and residential villas.
Qatari Diar

Qatari Diar has signed a strategic investment agreement with the Sudanese government to develop a major tourist and residential resort on the banks of the Blue Nile. Built on a prime site opposite Khartoum’s Presidential Palace, it will span 100,000 square metres.

Ibn Hani Resort
Development will include villas, beach houses, apartments, and a luxurious 5-star hotel.

$0.5 billion
Eighth Gate project is an attempt to recreate the luxury and style that are features of Emaar’s world-class Dubai developments.

$1.88 billion
Marina Al Qussor
Waterfront development project will include residences, retail, tourist attractions and golf course.

$5-10 billion
Lakeside Project outside Istanbul is a joint venture with Turkey’s largest gold exporter. The first phase includes luxury villas, shopping centers, commercial space and hotel developments.

$5 billion
Istanbul investments include the $500 million tallest twin tower project in Europe.
Sama Dubai

Source: Al Manakh, a survey study undertaken by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) to be released in September 2007.

Image courtesy of OMA

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