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Iraqi Women Campaign for Change

Of an estimated 14,400 candidates for provincial offices, nearly 4,000 are women.

Jan 30th, 2009

First Trial for International Criminal Court

Will the Obama administration reverse Bush's antagonism towards the ICC?

Jan 26th, 2009

Bolivian Constitution Approved, but Nation Still Divided

"The bigger question is political--how the Obama Administration responds to the new constitution," said economist Mark Weisbrot.

Jan 26th, 2009

Buzzwords: Cholera

In the developed world, the closest most of us have come to cholera is either through Oprah-endorsed magical realism or disappointment on the Apple IIe Oregon Trail - "Chelsea has died of cholera."

Jan 23rd, 2009

Oprah in the Middle East

Video: Oprah now reaches over 6 million viewers in the Arab world each day, bringing conversations about domestic violence or homosexuality to living rooms where these subjects are still taboo.

Jan 23rd, 2009

Meet the New Administration

What do Joe Biden, Leon Panetta, and Hillary Clinton have in common? They're all expected to serve in high-level positions in the Obama administration, and they've all appeared as distinguished guests on WIDE ANGLE.

Jan 22nd, 2009

Pray the Devil Back to Hell Preview

Pray the Devil Back to Hell chronicles the remarkable story of the courageous Liberian women who came together to end a bloody civil war and bring peace to their shattered country.

Jan 21st, 2009


WIDE ANGLE is planning a bold new mini-series Women, War & Peace to challenge the conventional wisdom that war and peace are men’s domain and to place women at the center of an urgent dialogue about conflict and security.

Jan 21st, 2009

About the Producers

Biographies of Gini Reticker, Abigail Disney, and Pamela Hogan.

Jan 21st, 2009

“African of the Year” Helps Congolese Rape Victims

Congo has the globe's highest incidence of rape, with recorded victims ranging from as young as two months to as old as 83 years.

Jan 16th, 2009

Buzzwords: Gazprom

Buzzwords breaks down the lingo, jargon, buzzwords and hot topics of the world's headlines.

Jan 16th, 2009

Gaza E.R.: In Amman, All Eyes on Gaza

An estimated 60 percent of Jordanians are of Palestinian origin or descent—including my family.

Jan 15th, 2009

Hamas Hiding in Shifa Hospital?

Israeli officials say that Hamas leaders are operating out of a bunker underneath Gaza's Shifa Hospital.

Jan 13th, 2009

Call Center Answers Questions about Reproductive Health

India's National Population Stabilization Fund has opened a call center where agents answer questions about reproductive health.

Jan 13th, 2009

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